Aneurin Bevan
University Health Board

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board have been participating in the Apprenticeship programme for many years. We are keen to widen opportunities for the local community by offering the apprenticeship programme to enable us to give local individuals the opportunity to work in healthcare without having the essential skills and experience.

Apprentices are employed to undertake a specific role, whilst supported to achieve a nationally recognised modern apprenticeship qualification. This can include a Health Care Support Worker role, an administration role, support services and many more opportunities.

We see apprenticeships as an opportunity to maximise the potential of our future workforce by engaging with our experienced staff, so that they pass on their skills and experiences to others and provide support to individuals through their learning.

Apprentices work towards knowledge and competence-based qualifications at Level 2 (such as an NVQ Level 2) together with Essential Skills.

Apprenticeships are a crucial way to develop our current and future workforce to ensure they are capable and competent in their role to ensure we can provide the best care possible to our patients.

There are lots of benefits of joining the apprenticeship programme including:

  • Earn while they learn – The apprentice doesn’t have to pay any course fees and earns a wage during their learning, as well as earning a nationally recognised qualification.
  • Support during training – Both the employer and training provider, provides the Apprentice with a range of support during the apprenticeship.
  • Progression – As apprenticeships are trained in the skills they need, there are clear routes to progression following their Apprenticeship.

What do you need to apply?

You must:

  • Be a kind, caring person who is passionate about helping others
  • Be able to demonstrate transferable skills, for example, communication skills
  • Be aged 16+
  • Have a current right to work in the United Kingdom
  • Have at least your Maths and English GCSE A-E Grade (or equivalent qualification) and it is desirable that you have at least 5 GCSE’s A-E grade including Maths and English (or equivalent qualification).
  • Able to demonstrate a willingness to work hard

You must not:

  • Hold a full Level 3 qualification related to the Apprenticeship Programme you wish to apply for
  • Be in any formal government-funded education at the time of starting the Apprenticeship Programme

Who are apprenticeships for?

Everyone. Whether you are just starting out in your career, looking to change roles or to develop your skills there is an apprenticeship to suit you.

How do I apply?

The apprentice opportunities are available on via Our Jobs Page and listed on NHS Jobs.

Complete the application form and submit.

For more information regarding our Apprenticeship programme please email us on