MSK Hub Clerical Officer

You will play a key role in supporting people accessing the MSK Hub and by working with the clinicians, help efficient delivery of the triage clinics.

MSK Hub Administrator

An essential role to ensure the registration and pathway management for people who are accessing the MSK Hub. It includes direct communication with patients and clinical team members.


As a weight management practitioner, you will be a key member of the MSK Hub. Weight management is a key risk factor for MSK conditions and ensuring that people are aware of the range of services in ABUHB area and offering options for people who may benefit from weight management advice and who would like support with losing weight.


As part of the team of physiotherapists within ABUHB, this role will support the development of MSK services by being part of physiotherapy MSK outpatient services and with support of Clinical Specialist and Clinical lead physiotherapists, will participate in the MSK Hub clinical triage.

Senior Physiotherapists and Podiatrists

These roles will work within the MSK speciality participating as a member of the physiotherapy/podiatry team independently managing a MSK clinical caseload of adults or children with the support of senior clinicians and mentors. This role will provide an opportunity to work in a supported manner within each of the clinical delivery teams. This is designed to consolidate your MSK experience and further develop your independent clinical practice and supervisory skills.  

Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist and Podiatrists

This role will allow you to work both as an autonomous practitioner and collaboratively with other professions e.g. GPs, consultants, nurses and other AHPs, to provide expert patient centred MSK care for people with complex needs in a variety of care settings.

You will provide training, education, supervision and appraisal for staff and students within ABUHB across all adults and children MSK service delivery areas and as part of the role, contribute to the development of professional practice and the transformation and evaluation of service delivery, supporting the research and innovation agenda.

Clinical Leads

These roles provide clinical oversight and co-ordination of the clinical teams. The role will encompass assisting in the strategic development of MSK services for primary care and minor injuries services across all sites within the Health Board and across the spectrum from primary care to secondary care. The post holder will be responsible for working with medical, nursing and therapy colleagues to identify and implement new models of care within the primary care MSK Hub, urgent primary care and minor injuries services that enhance the ability of the MSK therapy services to support the Health Board to deliver high quality, evidence-based care and contribute to service sustainability.

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