The Health Board was the proud recipient of two Beat Flu awards at the Vaccine Preventable Diseases Programme Beat Flu Awards ceremony on Tuesday 19th March 2019 at Sophia Gardens in Cardiff.

The first award was for the ‘Most Innovative Beat Flu campaign’ category which recognised the hard work of the Communications Team (pictured right) throughout the flu season and in particular the innovative flu fighters’ video (below).

The second award was for the ‘Health and Social Care Worker Team’ category (pictured left) which recognised the success of the Staff Flu Immunisation Working Group for planning and delivering the staff flu immunisation programme.

Eryl Powell, Consultant in Public Health and Chair of the Staff Flu Immunisation Working Group said, “the award is great recognition of all the hard work that has gone into the staff flu immunisation programme this season. The Divisional Flu Leads and the trained flu champions have enabled 60% of all Health Board staff to receive the flu vaccination this season and in doing so have protected themselves, their families, their patients and colleagues from influenza.”